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ForEST Privacy Statement


When you connect to any web site, your browser supplies the computer serving that web site with certain information. Like most web sites, ForEST logs some of this information for later analysis. This page describes the information that CPAST collects and how we use that information.

Information that CPAST collects when you visit ForEST:

Information Description and Use
IP Address / Host Name Your computer's unique network numbers, converted into your computer's host name when possible. We measure how many visitors come from domains that especially interest us, such as .k12 and .edu domains.
Document Requested Which page on ForEST you requested to look at. We measure which pages are the most popular.
Result of Document Request Whether the document you requested was returned to you successfully. This helps us find and repair broken links.
Date and Time We look at when our server is busiest, and try to schedule any downtime during periods of light use.
Browser What web browser you're using to access ForEST.
Operating System What operating system your computer is running.
Referrer What page on the web referred you to ForEST. We use this to see which Internet search engines (such as Yahoo) and other web sites are referring people to ForEST. We may also add links from ForEST to some of these sites to return the favor.
Username When you request an operation that requires you to log in as a registered ForESTer, or if you have previously accepted a username cookie from ForEST, we log your username.

Information that CPAST collects when you register with ForEST

  1. Your first name;
  2. Your last name;
  3. Your email address;
  4. The online name by which you want to be known on ForEST;
  5. Other optional information that you supply, such as your state and country of residence, your personal home page, and a personal statement. For more information, see the ForEST Registration Q & A and the ForEST Registration Form.

How CPAST Uses The Information Collected

CPAST uses the information collected above to assess whether we're reaching our target audience and to improve ForEST. We will not sell or otherwise release this information to other organizations, with the exception that we may provide certain aggregate, statistical information to others. For example, if a potential donor were interested in how many people from k12 domains visited ForEST in Feb. 2000, we would (probably) provide this information. We would not provide this hypothetical donor with information about individuals (such as individual hostnames or which ForEST pages were accessed by a particular user).