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Who We Are
CPAST (pronounced cee-past NOT kpst!!!) stands for Corporation for Public Access to Science and Technology. We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our board of directors currently consists of the following people:

What We Do
We publish scientific and technical information on the web for a general audience.

Where To Reach Us
1280 Harvard Rd
Berkley, MI 48072-1979
Tel: 248-546-8209, Fax: 248-546-8821
Email Frank Myhr: fmyhr@cpast.org
Or just click here

CPAST Directors only: ForEST Ranger


Liability Disclaimer
CPAST works to ensure the accuracy of information published in the ForEST web site. However, neither CPAST nor the authors of information published in the ForEST web site assume responsibility or liability of any kind for errors or omissions, or any losses or damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly from the information on the ForEST web site.

Terms of Use
ForEST is a public web site freely available to most people with an Internet connection. CPAST highly encourages active participation by ForEST users. Once a user has registered by supplying their name and email address, they can review ForEST articles and references as well as submit new articles and references of their own. Through the collaborative efforts of many users, ForEST continually grows and improves. CPAST strives to impose as few limits on this growth and improvement as possible. However, we reserve the right to refuse or remove from publication material that we determine to be inappropriate for ForEST. We further reserve the right to revoke a user's ForEST registration if they persist in submitting inappropriate material. As the publisher of ForEST, CPAST is the sole party to determine what material is inappropriate. In general, material that does not discuss some aspect of energy in a scientific or technical context could be considered inappropriate. Please use your common sense and we will use ours.

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